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ACL Approved Elite Bomber Cornhole Bags

ACL Approved: Elite Bomber Bags (Set of 4)

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    Our Bomber Bags are made with high quality polyester twill on one side and and upholstery suede fabric on the other for complete control during gameplay. The polyester side is perfect for sliding the bag on the surface of the cornhole board, while the suede side is adept for sticking the bag where it lands. These bags make for strategic bag placement during gameplay! These Bomber bags are ACL ( American Cornhole League ) approved for using during ACL ( American Cornhole League) sanctioned competitions. The Elite version Bomber Bags are acceptable for use on ESPN or other sports broadcasted ACL ( American Cornhole League) events.

    4 half colored polyester, half suede premium resin PELLET cornhole toss bags. Rounded Corners for that perfect hole drop!

    Bag Material= One side 10 oz. Poly Twill and the other Upholstery Suede 

    Bag Fill= Rounded Resin Plastic Pellets

    Closure= White Heavy Duty Bonded Nylon Upholstery Thread

    Closure Type= Internal Double Stitched with Double Stitched Non Intrusive Top Seam

    Weight= Exactly 16 oz

    Size= 6"x6"

    Every set comes with a string tote bag for carrying the set!

    Ships USPS Priority Mail in 3-6 business days

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    1. My first impression of the Bomber bags

      I like them. Obviously when they break in it could change a little.

      Stick side is very good. If your a blocker type player which I am they are good.

      Slide side is fast. I am a blocker type and I like to push in the blocking bag and leaving the other in a blocking position. The bags are so fast it tends to push the blocker in and jump over the hole sometimes off the back. That will most likely right its self a little after more games.

      I am not the biggest fan of the these when a air mail is needed. It seems a little hoppy I guess I will say. If its not air mail on the fly through it will hop over the hole.

      All of that being said I like them. I also like they are different from say Razor bags which is nice for learning to throw different styles of bags. Sometimes your partners might be very specific to what they like and it works well if your adaptable.
      on 13th Jun 2018

    2. Elite Bomber Bags


    3. Top Notch! ACL Bags

      Great bags, feel awesome. Sticky and fast when needed! on 1st Feb 2018

    4. Trying the Elite bomber bags

      Bags feel great, fall in the hole with ease. Too fast on slick side initially for harder throwers and too sticky at first as well on the other side. For a soft, high thrower these bags will fall in from anywhere. Hoping as they break in they will fit my style better. on 26th Jan 2018

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