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Do you have any sets in stock and ready to be shipped or picked up?

Everything we build here at West Georgia Cornhole is MADE TO ORDER. Due to the customized nature of our products, we have limited stock readily available to be picked up or shipped. 

We do have a select few items in stock including some types of bags. For availability please call.

In stock items are located here -->

What is your lead time? 

Lead times vary depending on which product you are ordering. When placing an order for a specific product, there will be a disclaimer with accurate shipping dates available for your reference. These times will vary depending on the season as well. 

Are you able to RUSH orders for a fee?

Unfortunately we are unable to rush orders at this time. The dates presented on your purchase agreement or product listings if you have not yet placed an order are the first available dates for shipping or pick up.

**RUSH orders depending on season. Please email or call to verify this possibility.**

How much is shipping on a set of cornhole boards?

Specific shipping costs are calculated at the shipping portion of checkout. Rates are based on our very best prices via FedEx. On average, shipping costs between $25-50 depending on the final destination of your order. Pick-up is available for our local customers free of charge. 

Can I reroute my shipment if it's going to the wrong address?

We're only able to reroute packages when shipping via FedEx. Since we ship packages via multiple carriers, you must contact us to check whether or not your shipment can be rerouted. If your shipment is due for delivery the same day, it can't be rerouted. If you contact us to have your package rerouted, please make sure that you provide us with your contact number for FedEx to call if there are any delivery issues. If you select to reroute your package via FedEx there is a $18 reroute charge and the buyer is responsible for these charges and WGC will send invoice prior to the reroute.

In addition to rerouting your package, you also have the option of having your shipment held at your closest FedEx location. You can request that FedEx hold your package once your tracking has registered at From the tracking page, select "Customize Delivery" to view your options. Please note that not all shipments can be modified online.

For USPS, you can have them intercept the package and hold it at a local facility or reroute it by visiting their website here. Enter your tracking number to find out if your shipment is eligible and create a request. Availability of package intercept depends on various factors and may not be offered for all shipments.

My tracking says delivered, but I haven’t received my shipment—what do I do?

While we trust and value our carriers, issues can occur with the delivery every once in awhile. We recommend checking with your neighbors to see if it was accidentally delivered somewhere nearby. You can also contact the carrier directly to verify that they no longer have the package. The phone number for FedEx is 1-800-Go-FedEx. The phone number for USPS is 1-800-ASK-USPS® (1-800-275-8777). If your shipment can't be located, please contact us for assistance.

What is the ROUTE thing that's added to my order?

Route is a third party group (Not associated with West Georgia Cornhole) that insurses shipments. Route insures lost, damaged or stolen shipments. When an order issue is reported and resolved, your product will either be reordered or refunded depending on Route's policies.  For more information in regards to that process, please visit the following page.

To file your claim, you will need to visit the following link. You will need to provide your email address associated with your order and the Order Number. From there you will submit your claim and Route will evaluate your claim.

What happens after I order a custom set? 

Once an order is placed you will receive a confirmation email for your purchase. 

Once your order has been processed fully into our system, it will be marked as “In Process.” This notification indicates your order is entering into the Design Approval Process. Our designers will use the information and images provided by you to create a proof for your review. Upon approval of this design, we will move forward with the production of your order. 

**If you ordered a design as is without any Desired Design Changes, you will not receive a proof. Your order design will be reflective of the listing used to purchase.**

The next notification you will receive from us will be the shipment of your order. This will be an email with tracking information for your reference. 

I have custom designed my boards via “Design Your Own Boards”  but would like to add upgrades to my order. I cannot figure out how to add them to my existing cart. What do I do?

Unfortunately, the “Design Your Own Boards” function is a designer plugin separate from our primary purchasing database. This plugin helps with the creation of designs so that we are able to use the elements you have uploaded to create a professional proof. Because this plugin lacks the functionality to combine these carts, you’ll need to place two separate transactions. Complete your “Design Your Own” cart first. This will give you an Order #. From this point you will want to go back to our website to the “Board Upgrades” tab and select any options you desire. Proceed to checkout. At checkout, there will be a “Notes” Section. Here you should add in the Order # created by your original order. By doing this, your customized boards will receive the upgrades you have purchased. 

What are CornBits?

Corn Bits is our loyalty rewards program! After purchase you should be given the option to sign up for an account. This login will be different from your West Georgia Cornhole account login. The accounts are linked up and for every purchase you make, you are able to earn "CornBits" or points. If you look at our webpage at the bottom right hand corner there is a navy box that says, "VIP Program." This is where you will find a list of ways to earn points, redeem points and check your balance. 

When will I receive a tracking number for my order? 

Upon shipment you will receive an email with tracking information for your order. This will include a tracking number for your reference. We ship via FedEx or USPS depending on the size of product purchased. 

What if my order(s) arrived damaged by the carrier upon receiving? 

We hope this is not the case, however, mishandling happens and is beyond our control. We want to help resolve this issue for you ASAP and get you taken care of so you can enjoy your West Georgia Cornhole product(s)!  

                                          We require the below info to be submitted within 48 hours of delivery to properly expedite the claim process.

 Please contact/email We ask that you include the following information:

  • Your First & Last Name

  • Order Number 

  • Pictures of the damage on the item

  • Pictures of the exterior packaging implying that there is visible damages (punctures, tears, gauges, etc.) to the box. 

We will get back to you ASAP with further reviews and instructions on getting your situation resolved.

What do I do if my boards are slippery?

Like a new pair of shoes, new cornhole boards and bags need to be broken in. Playing outside and in the sun helps speed this process along. Time is truly the best remedy. Happy tossing!

Do you have any toss bags in stock?

Our solid colored Corn-filled Toss Bags and All Weather Bag are readily available for purchase online or in-store. 

Custom Bags  are all made to order. These bags have a 4-5 day business lead time in production. To order these bags, please visit the Toss Bags section of our site. 

I am having trouble deciding which type of bag to get. What do you recommend?

We have many different bags that can suit a variety of players. Below are some links below you will find extremely helpful. They include charts with our Speed Rating, Bag Flexibility, Demo Videos, Cornhole Player Reviews and more. 

Brews & Reviews:

Our YouTube Page:

What are the differences between Pro Series Tournament Grade Boards and our Classic Board Series? 

These differences can best be explained in the following video. For any further questions, please contact us.

How do we apply graphics?

We apply graphics to our boards through Direct UV Printing. Here is a video that explains this process in depth.

How “weather-proof” are your boards?

Our products are meant to be enjoyed in both indoor and outdoor settings. Our boards are coated with 2-3 coats of polyurethane to protect your boards against the elements and preserve the integrity of the design. However extended exposure to harsh sunlight or moisture will cause damage to your boards. These boards should also be stored properly in a dry environment when not in use. 

We do offer ALL WEATHER boards for those who wish to keep their boards out year round or will have vast exposure to water or moisture.

Do bags come with my order? 

Yes, your order comes with 8 standard corn-filled bags with your purchase of classic cornhole boards. You are able to select 2 solid colors to match your boards. Do not store corn-filled toss bags in a closed container. They need to breathe as they are filled with organic corn. Please also be mindful to keep these in an area where insects or mice do not pose a threat.Over the years and extended use of these bags, you can expect the bags to lighten as the corn is naturally breaking down. 

You are able to upgrade these toss bags to our All-Weather fill. All-Weather bags are able to be cleaned and have a significantly longer lifespan for our avid cornhole players. To do so, please select this upgrade option as you place your order. 

Do your toss bags have a warranty? 

Bags have a 90-Day Warranty at the closure seams. Material punctures or other damages are deemed user-error.

How long will transit take?

Below we have included an ideal map of transit times per FedEx. These transit time are not guaranteed as FedEx has also experienced some delays in response to a very high quantity of orders to be delivered and a shortage of staff. We have provided this information to give you a fair estimate of the transit period for your order once it has been shipped.