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The Best Boards on the Market

Posted by Tyler on 22nd Oct 2021

Look, we’re a little biased, but our patent pending  X Factor boards are clearly the greatest board on the market. But don’t just take it from us, take it from Nick who says they are “the best.” We agree, Nick. Let's talk about what makes them so special. First of all, these boards ar …
Bagging Bash 2022!!

Bagging Bash 2022!!

Posted by -Your Corn Father on 15th Oct 2021

BIG NEWS!We’re excited to announce that we are preparing for Bag-N-Bash 2022.If you couldn’t make it last year, or just don’t remember here’s what went down:We tore down an entire half of our shop. You’ll know how much work this is if you’ve ever visited HQ, but if you haven’t, don’t worry, you’ve g …


Posted by -TPOLTZ on 23rd Nov 2020

The Most Elite Toss Bag Has Just Entered the Game!This game-changing toss bag development by West Georgia Cornhole will raise the standard for cornhole toss bags across the board. Titan Bags ™ by West Georgia Cornhole feature unprecedented construction featuring double stitched internal seams and a …

​Let’s Talk About Cornhole Play

Posted by -TPOLTZ on 5th Sep 2019

Let’s Talk About Cornhole PlaySometimes cornhole play can be a touchy subject, but when approached gently, it can be a fun and exciting time. Not everyone finds the cornhole as pleasurable and fun as I do so let’s take a look into the nuts and bolts of cornhole play and decide if it’s your thing …

​So, Tailgating Season is Right Around the Corner

Posted by -TPOLTZ on 20th Aug 2019

So, Tailgating Season is Right Around the CornerAs August approaches September, we know that college football is quickly approaching. Kids are back in school, college kids are getting drunk, and cornhole board sales are off the charts. As a college kid myself, I can practically taste the horrifi …

​Which Toss Bag is Right For You?

Posted by -TPOLTZ on 7th Aug 2019

Which Toss Bag is Right For You?Standard corn bag- Do you even play cornhole? If you’re playing cornhole with a standard corn bag you obviously are a child or you just suck at cornhole and don’t want to invest in a real bag like an adult. I must confess that the corn bags provide considerable gi …