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Our Story

In 2012, Brandon Greba spent most Thursday nights building cornhole boards in his garage, filling orders whenever he could find some time away from his nine-to-five gig as an industrial supply sales manager.

Cornhole—a popular backyard and tailgate game where players compete for points by tossing bean bags at rectangular wooden boards—had been a hobby of Greba’s for years. He started building boards while in college, and now, six years out of school and newly married, his boards were more popular than ever. He needed to make a choice.

“I was struggling with the orders,” Greba said. “I was traveling for work, getting home on a Thursday, and trying to get these orders built and shipped out. I was battling internally with my long-term goals, whether I wanted to stick with this company or branch out and do my own thing. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs—my dad owned his own business for 30 years, and my grandparents did the same thing.”

 In July 2013, with the support of his family, Greba quit his job, hired a couple part time employees and took the plunge.

Three babies, 50+ employees and thousands of orders and happy tailgaters later, Greba and West Georgia Cornhole, LLC are thriving. Before long, the sawdust was left in the garage, and the garage was left in the dust. Greba moved West Georgia Cornhole into a 14,000-square-foot facility in Winston, Georgia and was later honored as 2020 Small Business of the Year for Douglas County. The growth didn’t stop there. West Georgia Conrhole outgrew the former 14,000 square foot building and was moved into a 38,000 square foot warehouse in Carroll County at the start of 2021. He now has partnerships all over the United States and even internationally - shipping boards to Sweden, Australia, Japan, Alaska and everywhere in between. Along the way, he’s improved the quality and diversity of his products, added valuable members to his team and extended the workday to now include 2nd and 3rd shifts.

With new space, there were also new opportunities. Greba decided to create a Cornhole Venue right here in the new 38,000 square foot warehouse. In Spring of 2021, Greba opened the doors to “The Hideaway.” Here West Georgia Cornhole is able to host tournaments, training, various events for the community and our own league each week. The largest event to date Greba and his team hosted was our First Annual Baggin’ Bash in April 2021. Hundreds of competitors and spectators came for this Grand Opening celebration! Food trucks, live music, raffles, games and cornhole made a memorable day for all.

Working hard, Greba purchased top-of-the-line equipment purchases, including a UV Flatbed Printer and CNC Routers, and has expanded his range of products to feature LED lights and Bluetooth speaker boards, and a wide variety of tailgate games. If a rush order comes in the door, West Georgia Cornhole is now capable of designing, building and shipping in six hours. He’s also made a name for himself; Greba’s competitive advantage landed him a custom rush order for NBA MVP and Golden State Warrior, Stephen Curry.

In 2020, Greba wanted to take the next step in his business venture. He created a second brand, Titan Bags. This storefront was created and launched with the frame of mind, “Made by Players, For Players.” With an initial 10 series of bags launched and several additions as time has passed, Titan has taken off! Team Titan currently sponsors 12 ACL Pros and is expected to grow exponentially over the coming years. To learn more about this recent venture, please visit .

West Georgia Cornhole’s business scope has skyrocketed, but Greba remains down to earth. He credits his wife, who helped him complete orders in the early days and still assists him weekly with bills and accounting. Even amongst the chaos of a booming business and growing family, Greba remains focused on the folks that helped him build an empire of boards and bean bags—his employees.

 “We’ve got a good core group of employees, a lot of them have been with me for several years now,” Greba said. “I’ve got to give it up to them for sticking with me and seeing my vision.”

Four or five job applicants drop by West Georgia Cornhole each week, and Greba aims to expand his business and double his headcount with hardworking, passionate employees over the years to come. Day-to-day, he’s still working to find the ideal work-life balance—a challenge with three growing kids—but life is good, orders are up and West Georgia Cornhole is out of the garage and on the map.

They hope to hear from you soon and we will keep you updated with our Journey to "Create Outdoor Enjoyment One Board at a Time!!"