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Front Feet Bumpers

  • Product Description

    Just another innovative feature to help protect your investment. These rubber feet are placed on the front corners of each board. 4 bumpers included. 

    This keeps the board elevated and off the playing surface. Helps in preventing board slide and abrasion to the front paint and wood due to ground contact.

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    1. simple, yet effective...worth the money

      We had a backyard cornhole court made of pavers and these feet (along with the rhino-lined legs) help protect the boards and help minimize board movement. Our WGC custom boards are beautiful and the thought of scraping the paint job on the front edge of the boards bothered me, so we added the front feet to our order, and we're very happy with their functionality. Simply, yet quite effective. The paint job on the front edge is well-protected. Worth the money. on 24th Jun 2020

    2. Grip and Traction

      Great addon if you play on cement surfaces. Adds traction and grip to the feet. on 18th Jun 2020

    3. great addiction

      We typically set our boards up on hard surfaces (road, paver sidewalks, etc) so the combo of the rhino lined legs and front bumpers is worth every penny to protect your beautiful new boards from wear and tear. on 29th Nov 2019

    4. Excellent option

      The front feet bumpers help keep the boards in place and level them out. Perfect little addition and customization. on 18th Aug 2016

    5. A must have accessory for hard playing surfaces

      Boards have a tendency to move across solid surfaces, especially when they're not level. These bumpers eliminate that entirely. Great add on. on 28th Aug 2015

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