How Are We Different?

Often imitated, never duplicated!  Shop the competition first and visit West Georgia Cornhole’s Shop last!

West Georgia Cornhole can do anything! You dream, we design. We then submit you a sample proof prior to build, so you can see firsthand how they will look. At that point you can make changes to the designs, until you are completely satisfied with the end results. 


ACO Regulation size and height 24"x48"
West Georgia Cornhole professionally cuts all our wood to ensure precision cuts and tight tolerances in all joints.

Top Boards
-3/4" Birch cabinet grade plywood. (3/4" wood ensures zero bag bounce)
-Solid paint color boards: Kilz sealed then painted with exterior enamel
-Stained boards: Golden Oak stain, Red Mahogany, Whitewashed, Dark Walnut 
-Top boards are in-laid between the side boards, which gives a unique furniture grade look!
-6" hole is cut with a router. (Ensures a perfect hole)

Side Boards
-1"x4" Premium Southern Yellow Pine S4S (Lighter construction for transportation and still as strong)
-Perfectly smooth knot free surface. Looks excellent stained or painted.
-Attached with drilled pocket holes and correct pocket hole dacro-plated screws (No exposed screw heads or filled holes)
-Gorilla glued joints for added strength
-All edges have been routed with a round over bit, for a soft finished edge. (Helps with extend bag life)

-1"x4" Premium Southern Yellow Pine S4S
-Collapsible legs
-Edges routed
-3/8" X 2.5" 307A Zinc carriage bolts
-Zinc Fender washers added between side board and leg (Prevents wood on wood contact)
-Zinc Wing nuts (Easy tightening and loosening)

-Sprayed with 4 coats of clear gloss water based, non-yellowing Polyurethane. Spraying the poly ensures there are ZERO brush marks and lines and makes a glass like finish.

Official 6"x6" Toss Bags
These bags, like all our other products are only made to the highest standards. We don't take any shortcuts here either!
Bag Material= 10oz Cotton Duck Canvas
Bag Fill= 15 oz Whole Double Filtered Clean Corn
Closure= White Heavy Duty Bonded Nylon Upholstery Thread
Closure Type= Internal Double Stitched, with Double Stitched Top Seam
Weight= 15.5-16oz

Every set comes with a string tote bag for carrying the set!

STORM BAGS-Weather Resistant Toss Bags
-STORM BAGS are weather resistant Cornhole Bags that will not rot, mildew, break down or change weight during play. 
-STORM BAGS are filled with a special weighted resin material giving each STORM BAG the look and feel of your favorite Cornhole Bag with a consistent weight of 15-16 ounces per bag
-STORM BAGS - Outlasting the Weather and the Cornhole Season!

All Graphics are applied via UV Direct Print.  Meaning the ink is printed directly onto the wood surface before it is sealed with water based poly.

Standard Features on All Sets

-Outdoor nylon rope carrying handles
-Laminated copy of official ACO rules attached with Velcro under boards
-8 solid color, premium corn filled toss bags
-String tote carrying bag for bean bags

Add-On Upgrades
-$20 Built in Scoreboard (No forgetting the score and arguing who's right)
-$25 Under board bag compartment (Never leave the bags behind)
-$20 Cup holders (No spilt drinks)
-$15 Rhino lined leg bottoms (Anti-slip and abrasion when in contact with concrete)
-$50 Color Changing, Remote Controlled LED Hole Lights (No need to stop the party because it’s dark and no lights)
-$20 STORM Bags-Weather Resistant Bags 
-$15 Side Frame Wording (Get designs all around!)
-$40 Heavy Duty Carrying Case (Protect your investment)


Will make to your logo design specs, if you don’t see a set you like please message.