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​4 and a Half Reasons to Buy Our Boards and a Few Reasons Not to

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4 and a Half Reasons to Buy Our Boards and a Few Reasons Not to

If you made it this far, you’re probably interested in a set of cornhole boards…or maybe you’re not and you’re just thinking that reading my blog gives you a better chance of getting my number…which it does! Either way, let’s get to it!

1. West Georgia Cornhole boards have a recessed ¾ inch top main board which shows no end grain or ugly seams unlike my browser history which is a real nightmare.

2. West Georgia Cornhole Boards are assembled with 1X4 side boards installed with hidden screws and wood glue for increased strength and longevity…unless we forget to do that in which case it will not.

3. Our legs are assembled with heavy duty carriage bolts and wing nuts which provides additional strength and looks great. Ben has a whole video where he rambles on about the legs and sides and shit. This whole post is basically just a rip-off of his video except for the fact that my content is better in every way and my undercut haircut looks cooler.

4. Want another reason? You can choose from the classic cornhole design or the pro cornhole design and purchase an assortment of upgrades and add-ons such as cupholders that some poor asshole (me) is going to have to install because some other lazy asshole (definitely not you) is too good to set your beer on the ground like an adult.

4 ½ . Rumor has it you can save on shipping and pick up your boards directly from the shop. If you’re lucky you might get a glimpse of a shirtless guy singing obnoxiously with no regard for his fellow coworkers, or maybe you’ll get to see that same dude have a full conversation with himself, and if you’re real lucky you just might get to see that same guy go absolutely nuts when his headphones snag on the bench. I won’t name names… he knows who he is.

Welp, there you go! Some reasons to buy a cornhole board from West Georgia Cornhole.