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Bagging Bash 2022!!

Bagging Bash 2022!!

Posted by -Your Corn Father on 15th Oct 2021


We’re excited to announce that we are preparing for Bag-N-Bash 2022.

If you couldn’t make it last year, or just don’t remember here’s what went down:

We tore down an entire half of our shop. You’ll know how much work this is if you’ve ever visited HQ, but if you haven’t, don’t worry, you’ve got the opportunity to this year. We turned all that empty space into a cornhole playing field. All that space granted us with 24 lanes and plenty of space for vendors, food trucks, live music, beer, and even a cigar lounge. We had giveaways every hour and a livestream of the matches in the Hideaway.

This year is going to be even bigger! The biggest change is that this year’s event is scheduled for March. You know what they say; April showers bring May flowers. For whatever reason, they forgot this saying and it poured down rain. Luckily for you, this isn’t the only thing we’re doing to avoid the rain. As the newest hire, I’ve been tasked with leading a rain dance every day until the event so scare it off. I’m hoping that works. The shift in the date also lines us up with the ACL schedule.

We will be doing Rounders format to seed all players into 3 Tier brackets to then play in your respective double elimination bracket…it will be an action packed day! Because of that, all of Team Titan will be present! Come on out and meet some pro players!

We’re hoping to expand to 3 or 4 food trucks and an even larger payout (last year’s totaled $10k)! We can’t wait to have y’all out here again.

If you’re interested in helping sponsor this event, we’ll have more information coming out in December for you. Preregistration for players should begin by January!

Keep your eyes peeled for new information, there’s plenty coming on the horizon!

Toss on!