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​So, Tailgating Season is Right Around the Corner

Posted by -TPOLTZ on 19th Aug 2019

So, Tailgating Season is Right Around the Corner

As August approaches September, we know that college football is quickly approaching. Kids are back in school, college kids are getting drunk, and cornhole board sales are off the charts. As a college kid myself, I can practically taste the horrific traffic, parking nightmares, and convenient road closures due to football games. Thankfully West Georgia Cornhole has all the tailgating gear to make the horrific football traffic worth it. From Cornhole boards to connect four, giant tumble tower to washer toss, West Georgia Cornhole has you covered. It’s a well-known fact the best way to look like a seasoned tailgater is to gear up with the best products and WGC provides the quality shit to get the job done. I’m thinking its time for West Georgia Cornhole to begin development of an alcohol brand to go with its products. What better way to satisfy the customer than to provide all the tailgating necessities in one place: alcohol and cornhole. We could call it “West Georgia Corn and Barley Brewing.” That’s pure gold right there. I don’t know who runs this place but get that guy on it. Bottom line: West Georgia Cornhole has the best shit around to fuel your drunken tailgate sessions. Whether you cornhole obnoxiously, stack blocks like a boss, or connect 4 like a child lining up shapes, WGC has you covered. Despite the travel nightmare of football season, you can sleep soundly knowing the West Georgia Cornhole has your back with all the best tailgating necessities… except beer; for now!