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​Let’s Talk About Cornhole Play

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Let’s Talk About Cornhole Play

Sometimes cornhole play can be a touchy subject, but when approached gently, it can be a fun and exciting time. Not everyone finds the cornhole as pleasurable and fun as I do so let’s take a look into the nuts and bolts of cornhole play and decide if it’s your thing.

Let’s talk about boundaries! You can’t just dive into cornhole play without understanding you and your partner’s boundaries. Your feet cannot go beyond the front edge of the board during gameplay or it is considered a foul.

A simple but important rule of cornhole is keeping the boards 27 feet apart. The supplied distance measuring string in each board makes this an easy rule to follow. Sometimes cornhole play demands a bit more room than expected and can be quite a tight fit if playing indoors. Cornhole tends to be an outdoor activity.

Cornhole care is important. Excess debris or contaminants in or around your cornhole can interrupt cornhole play. Take care to clean your cornhole, your toss bags, and the area around to ensure a tidy and clean game.

Cornhole can be played with one partner or in teams. Generally, if playing in teams, partners stand at opposite boards and throw towards each other. Eye contact during cornhole play is not necessary. Throws are alternated until all bags have been exhausted. A score of 21 is usually achieved before a team may claim victory.

Cornhole is a fun and exciting game. With proper care, great equipment, and great friends, cornhole can be a fun and enjoyable experience. Just be sure to take things slow, know your boundaries, and keep the area clean for great cornhole play.