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Posted by -TPOLTZ on 23rd Nov 2020

The Most Elite Toss Bag Has Just Entered the Game!

This game-changing toss bag development by West Georgia Cornhole will raise the standard for cornhole toss bags across the board. Titan Bags ™ by West Georgia Cornhole feature unprecedented construction featuring double stitched internal seams and a new blend of internal pellets that offer unparalleled control and feel in the player’s hand. These professional level bags are designed by players and built exclusively for the most elitecorhnoleplayers. Titan bags ™ feature vibrant, permanent dye graphics and exquisite construction material, comparable in feel to that of your girlfriend’s assafter a hot shower! It is a truly sensual experience! Each bag has an individual speed and flex rating tailored exclusively to the pro’s throw style. Titan Bags ™ by West Georgia Cornhole feature a “slow” and “fast” side offering the thrower exquisite versatility and control, no bag on the market comes close to competing with. Titan Bags ™ can usually be shipped out in 24 hours, and unlike my performance in the bedroom, will not disappoint, now or ever! Order Titan Bags ™ by West Georgia Cornhole now at and take your game to the Titan Standard.